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Getting a divorce in the Nashville area?

Divorce is one of the more challenging legal situations to face, even when the two parties involved are amicable. The process of dividing assets, determining child custody and support, visitation, and spousal support can be contentious at the best of times. As the outcome of the divorce will affect you, both personally and financially, for years into the future, it is strongly advised that you have professional legal representation from a Nashville divorce lawyer that will aggressively negotiate on your behalf. In many cases, working with the opposing attorney can be fruitful in getting client's wishes addressed. In other cases, the other party will not agree to certain terms and the case must go to trial. When this is the situation, it cannot be underestimated how important it is to have skilled, aggressive, and committed legal support.

Ellen Taylor Turley has a reputation in the Nashville area for forceful and compelling representation in divorce cases. Her presentation to the court will be well-documented and professionally presented, with the goal of influencing the court in her client's favor. Ellen Taylor Turley is committed to standing firm in matters that are of most concern, and will seek out the supporting evidence to meet your demands. She provides skilled representation in divorce and other family law matters, including but not limited to separation, property division, contested and uncontested divorce, military divorce, mediation, spousal support, father's rights, child support and custody, custody modifications, domestic violence, and can assist in mediation.

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